Enriching the learning journey creatively.

Queen Harper Learning Academy believes that the delivery of knowledge should not be just through ‘fun’ and ‘play’. It should stimulate any child between the ages of 7 and 17 to think creatively so as to ignite curiosity and optimise potentials beyond academic excellence.

This teaching philosophy is delivered through a concerted holistic student development model encompassing the following:

ENCOURAGE the thirst for knowledge
EMPOWER the passion to discover
INSPIRE imagination to everything
NURTURE potentials and self confidence

Both our in-class and online hybrid and blended programmes for primary and secondary children have been curated to meet the exceptional standards of the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus that will give them a strong foundation to fast track their preparation for IGCSE subject exams.

Moving forward as a continuous learning academy, students will have the opportunity to further their education in a wide scope of co-curriculum programmes in collaboration with leading learning institutions leading to advanced learning levels and chosen specialisations.

Our Student Development Model


Empowering curious young minds to seek answers to biodiversity, ecology and physical sciences.


Empowering ICT competencies for the modern digital generation.


Empowering student skills in robotics and environmental engineering.

Arts & Sports

Empowering an active lifestyle in creative arts and sports.


Empowering students with logical-mathematics skills.


Empowering students with an active faith with deep-beliefs in God.

Our Educational Methodologies

Strength-Based Learning

Strength-based development programme

Project-Based Learning

Students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

Collaborative & Communicative

Learning between peers with guidance from experienced teachers.

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Tel: 017-828 2811 (General Line)

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